Employer Services

AGS Rehab Solutions provides employers with a range of services that address the many complex issues associated with work related injuries and non-occupational disabilities. Our goal is to serve you best; this includes programs to maintain safe and healthy work situations to promote preventative environments when it comes to workplace injuries and disabilities.

Our goal is to help employers achieve optimal outcomes for their employees and themselves.

We specialize in minimizing costs and risk factors associated with workplace absences through education, awareness, and proactive behaviour. As your partner in absence management, our goal is to assist you to increase productivity in your workplace and decrease absenteeism along with the associated costs.

Our philosophy is that work is healthy. We believe employees who are at work will recover from illness quicker than those who are at home. We take a holistic approach, with our experts focusing on all areas of an individual that influences absence from work. Our focus is on function rather than medical diagnosis. We offer creative solutions to ensure safe and durable return to work and stay at work solutions.

Services include:

  • Education/Prevention Strategies and Workshops
  • Workplace Ergonomics (Ergonomic Assessment, Cognitive Demands Analysis, Physical Demands Analysis)
  • Early & Safe Return to Work Planning & Coordination
  • Absence Management
  • Short-Term Disability Management
  • Counselling/Consultation
  • HR Risk Management Assessments (Psychology, Neuropsychology, Psycho-Educational & Vocational)

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We believe in providing our clients with the services and programs that meet their diverse needs, on time, on budget, with solutions that work.