About Us

AGS Rehab Solutions was founded in 1999 by Addie Greco-Sanchez under the guiding principles of enhancing lives, maximizing potentials and successful outcomes for all. Since the beginning, AGS, with our team of certified professionals, has been a leader in the vocational rehabilitation field achieving cost-effective results that work with innovative services and collaborative resolutions.

AGS Rehab Solutions is a recognized leader in disability management, prevention and vocational solutions. We are driven by our common desire to help our clients by fully understanding their individual situations and by introducing customized solutions that maximize productivity for healthy futures. At AGS our clients come first. Our dedication to you is what sets us apart in the field of rehabilitation and vocational services.

AGS Rehab Solutions promises to:

  • Reduce your claims through cost-efficient and multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Commit to speedy turnaround of effectively managed claims
  • Deliver reports that are accurate, timely and relevant
  • Ensure that certified, experienced professionals get results for you and your claimants
  • Provide ongoing communications that keep you up-to-date on all claims in progress
  • Maintain exceptional quality assurance

We believe in providing our clients with the services and programs that meet their diverse needs, on time, on budget, with solutions that work.